Founders Club

Benefits of being a “Wellmore Founders Club” Member:

Benefit #1: You will get the Pre-Opening monthly service fee rate. This will be the lowest the fees will ever be as they will increase once Wellmore is operational.

Benefit #2: During your lifetime, your monthly service fee increases will be equal to the annual Social Security percentage increase (i.e. Social Security increases your benefits by 3%, your monthly service fee annual increase will only be 3% regardless of the fee increase for the rest of the community).

Benefit #3: You will get your $4,000 Community Fee refunded to you over the first 8 months of residency at $500 each month as a reduction of your monthly service fee.

Benefit #4: First priority of apartment location based on Founders Club membership date.

Benefit #5: Special invitation only Founders Club events prior to opening to meet other Founders and get updates on the progress of the community.

Benefit #6: Special Founders Club events annually to which you can invite friends and family.

Benefit #7: Plaque with all Founders names located in Clubhouse.
*Prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

How to Join:
1. Just say yes!
2. Fill out the application along with a check for the $4,000 refundable Community Fee.
3. Move in within 30 days of opening and pay your first month’s service fee.
4. Live Long, Live Well!

Reservation Deposit to Escrow: $4,000 now. The deposit will be held at Wells Fargo in an escrow account where it will accrue interest. The deposit will be refunded to you by way of a reduction in the monthly service fee once you take occupancy. If you cancel your reservation or do not take occupancy within 30 days of the community opening, the deposit will be returned to you without interest.

Expected Date of Completion: Construction on Wellmore of Tega Cay began in March 2014 and is expected to be completed by June 2015 after all licences, certificates and permits have been issued.

Wellmore Application

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Wellmore Founders Club Application