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A luxurious assisted living community in Tega Cay, South Carolina, Wellmore Tega Cay distinguishes itself from similar facilities around the country by emphasizing an award-winning “purpose-based wellness program” that stresses “people can get better at any age.” With a fitness center, indoor therapy pool and full gym as well as skilled nursing, it combines wellness and healthcare to help residents live longer and healthier lives.

“In our communities, we have all types of soiling, from food spills to bodily fluids,” said Gina Gaines, senior interior designer at Maxwell Group/Senior Living Communities LLC. “So we were looking for improved longevity as far as durability of the carpet but also a nice color palette and pattern variation.” Maxwell Group manages nine other retirement communities in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina and South Carolina, and it looked at issues it had encountered in these properties when it was planning Wellmore, a community trying to redefine healthcare and aging through wellness.

Serving about 195 residents, Wellmore has 140,000 square feet and required different products for different areas. Although it is a contract space, Wellmore is also a home and its interior needed to look like a home: calm, timeless, special.

Gaines chose Lees Silk Road Collection, Mohawk’s broadloom made of Duracolor nylon, for the common areas and most of the living quarters. It offered a timeless look, a soft blue-green palette and high performance that included a moisture barrier backing with a cushion. Silk Road’s variety of patterns—Elegant Cloth, Exotic Fauna, Lacquerware, Luxury Trade and Merchant Exchange—coordinated well but also brought individuality and beauty to spaces.

The color and pattern selection were especially important in the memory care building. “We use a lot of pattern in the public areas because it helps hide dirt and spots, is very forgiving and is easy to maintain,” Gaines said. “In memory care, however, we have to be especially careful with color and pattern. Colors that are too far apart on the color spectrum and some patterns can be confusing for people with dementia so we choose shades and patterns that are easier on the eye.”

Starcrest II, a 100% SmartStrand broadloom from the Mohawk Group Residence Collection, was selected for Wellmore’s assisted living villas. These upscale apartments required a residential and elegant homey look but also needed to hold up to commercial standards. A moisture barrier backing also was used in the villas.

Haven Loft, an engineered hardwood, was chosen for the bar and as a border in the main dining room. Grainiac wood plank, a glue-down LVT, created a distinctive look in some of the dining areas and activity rooms as well as the rooms in skilled nursing and memory care. Grainiac is a strong plank that can handle beds being moved around and spills. And if an area becomes damaged, repair is easy—replacing one plank as opposed to redoing the whole room.

“Sustainability is a huge factor. We absolutely needed a product with a moisture barrier to prevent fluids from penetrating the subflooring. It also had to be antimicrobial, antibacterial and easily cleaned to eliminate as much odor as possible.”