Be The Change at Wellmore of Lexington

– Jasmine Richard –

What is your position at Wellmore of Lexington?

Wellness Director

How long have you been at Wellmore of Lexington?

I’ve been at Wellmore of Lexington since the doors opened in June of 2017; which makes it just shy of three years for me. I’ve been with the company for 4.5 years.

What excites you the most about this position and this company?

This position allows me to express my passion for fitness in a unique capacity. It caters directly to the needs of our Members through the 8 dimensions of wellness: Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Environmental Financial and Occupational. This position grants me the opportunity to enhance the lives of our Members at one of the most sensitive time of their lives.

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What is your favorite thing about working for Senior Living Communities?

Senior Living Communities allows me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our Members every single day. No two days are the same for our whole community!

Describe a time that a Member had a positive impact on your day?

Early in my career, it was very clear that my calling was serving the aging population when the relationships I started to develop became much more than just providing a service. I’ll never forget the times Members have referred to me as a friend. These are the most touching moments in my career at Wellmore of Lexington. It becomes much more than a job or position, our Members become family.

Have you utilized the Elevate program? If not, do you know someone who has?

Yes, when I started working for Wellmore back in 2017, I was finishing up my Master’s in Healthcare Administration. I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to utilize the Elevate Program. Since then I’ve not only benefit from the elevate program, but I am currently in the Evolve Program which is our Executive Director training program!

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How have you grown professionally and personally since joining the Team?

Since joining the team here at Wellmore, I’ve been promoted twice already. This company is truly an advocate of prompting from within, which is a fantastic opportunity in helping advance the careers of those who are committed to the company.

What about your position allows you to pursue what makes you feel the most passionate in life?

The creativity of my position gives me the freedom to take my Members on a fitness journey that allow them to be the absolute best version of themselves.

When it comes to your programming, what is the motivation behind specific classes that you do with your Members?

The progression of my residents! There is nothing more that warms my heart, than to see my Members gain their independence back. Watching my resident’s build their muscular strength is truly a blessing to witness.

Your community has a monthly social event called a Signature Experience; how does wellness play a role in these themed days?

Wellness is our key physical fitness component that we incorporate into our Signature Experience. We typical infuse some sort of physical aspect by making it “fun”. The themed days allow our Members to explore exercise in a fun way which makes the new program all worthwhile.

The wellness programming as won three Argentum Best of the Best Awards over the last few years. What was that feeling like and how does it motivate you moving forward? 

Having the tile of three Argentum awards helps me as a Wellness Director, the gratification of the wonderful programming we provide to our Members. It is truly an honor to be a part of Senior Living Communities and Wellmore of Lexington that works so hard to put our Members needs first. We take pride in our programing, and it feels good to be recognized on such a huge platform.

Tell us about WAVES, C.L.I.M.B, or Purpose-Based Wellness. How does it benefit the Members, what does the program looks like, and how did it come to be?

These are three of our core programming here at Wellmore. We emphasize these programs from the time a prospect walks in the building, transitions into our community, and within their individual care plan meetings. Taking the time to learn what each Member is interested in and which class fits their fitness level best is a major key to keeping our classrooms filled. Each of our programs was created for a specific purpose and allows us to identify what each of our Members needs on a more personal level.

What makes Wellmore of Lexington’ Wellness Programming stand out compared to others?

I truly believe the personal relationship we take the time to develop outside of the Wellness Center, really makes a difference. Wellness is so much more than fitness, building a relationship based on trust, respect, and knowledge strengthens the Wellness Program as a whole.

Talk about the impact your wellness program has had on the Members at your community, big wins, maintaining independence, and more.

In particular, we had one success story that really stood out. One of our newest programs is called Renewed Strength, created to combat Sarcopenia. This is the loss of muscle tissue as a natural part of the aging process. When rolling out this new program, one of my goals was to target those who are not very active in our Wellness Program. After a few conversations with a gentleman, I was able to encourage him and wife to participate. This gentleman hasn’t been known to participate in our wellness and social programming and we wanted to change that. Renewed Strength gave him something to look forward to every day. It gave him an obligation to hold himself accountable and right before our eyes, he went from being non-social to incredibly involved.

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What is your favorite thing to do to maintain your fitness level?

As the Wellness Director, is it only right to lead by example! I encourage my Members to maintain a healthy diet. Nutrition is very important and plays a very critical role in our fitness journey. I do my very best to eat healthy and encourage my Members to do the same. You are what you eat, right?