Living the Weller Life

– October 2020 –

Neon Dance Party

Is anyone ready for a neon dance party? Members at Wellmore of Tega Cay were! To honor and celebrate Active Aging Week, we participated in a variety of unique, fun, and health-focused activities! 💪 This was a neon cardio dance party where they were surrounded by colorful lights and all things that glow! 🎨✨💃


Prost!🍻 Our Members had an afternoon celebrating the German festival, Oktoberfest! 🎉 Our Dining Team created a delicious Oktoberfest, themed lunch menu full of fresh pretzels, beer cheese, and beer! 🥨 🍺 🧀 Members participated in a very fun, hand-eye coordination game, “water pong”! 😋 Members lined up at the tables ends to try to land the ping-pong balls into the cups of water. 🏆

Happy Birthday Cooper

We have continued to take birthdays very seriously, even our furry friends! 🐶 🎂 We heard that there was a special birthday, our sweet Cooper!😍 Cooper’s owner Tracey brought him in to have a big birthday bash with our Members in Reflections! 🎉 Cooper even came dressed for the occasion in a Wellmore outfit to make sure that he fits right in! ✨

Noodle Ball

It’s time for noodle ball with our Members in Reflections! 👏 This is one of their favorite activities. They had to work on their mobility by working together to keep the balloon from hitting the floor. 🎈 We shared many laughs throughout the game! 🤣

Candy Corn

There is one thing that divides opinions at Halloween, candy corn! Over the years, we have realized that people either LOVE it or DISLIKE it. Let us know below, candy corn – do you pass on it or enjoy every piece?

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