Living the Weller Life

– March 2021 –


Each week we offer devotion and have a hymn sing along! This past week we talked about being positive and thankful while singing some of our favorites!

Vanilla Wafers

It was sunny outside so we wanted to make some fun ‘Walkin Banana Puddin’! We started with a bag of mini vanilla wafers and added vanilla pudding, fresh sliced bananas, and finally topped it off with some whipped cream! The perfect spring treat!

National Waffle Day

On Thursday we celebrated ‘National Waffle Day’ with a cooking demonstration for all of our Members! Our attendees chose either freshly prepared strawberry or blueberry toppings for their waffle! To make it extra special, we also took it up a notch and made some cinnamon roll waffles topped with icing – YUM! It was the perfect way to celebrate!

Reflections Quilt Squares

This week our Members in Reflections worked on their quilting skills! They had to match the shapes but were given the autonomy to create their own colorful design. Once everyone had finished their designs, we got to make a whole quilt!

Pound Fit

It’s true that each of us marches to the beat of our own drum. We love participating in our Pound Fit class at the center of our community as it’s a circular room and everyone can join us or be able to watch! We love living The Weller Life at Wellmore!

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