Wellmore’s Liz Hubbard Wins 2022 Supernova Award

Social & Wellness Director Takes Home Highest Honor

The Supernova Award is the highest individual honor that our company gives and each year. One individual on the leadership team at Wellmore of Daniel Island is voted by their colleagues as the community’s Supernova based on an assortment of criteria. Each year during the Senior Living Communities Annual Meeting, the winner is revealed and given a customized crystal award at the company’s formal Supernova Awards Evening. The criteria for voting is based on upholding our company’s mission to be caring professionals dedicated to quality services. Additionally, this individual will consistently deliver excellent customer service (to Members, families, and colleagues), lead positively with integrity, take accountability, put the team before themselves, and embody the company’s vision to create communities where people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

This year, we are proud to congratulate our Social and Wellness Director, Liz Hubbard as the recipient of the 2022 Wellmore of Daniel Island Supernova Award. This honor was bestowed at the Senior Living Communities Annual Meeting on Thursday, July 28th at The Omni Grove Park Inn, in Asheville, North Carolina. As the Social and Wellness Director at Wellmore of Daniel Island, Liz coordinates all programming that is happening throughout the community. She oversees a team which consistently hosts meaningful, diverse and engaging social programs. Ensuring that Members come together for activities, unique dining events, clubs/organizations and daily events creates friendship and a tight-knit community at Wellmore. As the Wellness Director, she is passionate about helping Members improve their health and well-being through exercise. Her classes are well-attended and tailored to individual needs. She takes pride in measuring and reporting her Members’ improvements as well as cheering them on through their journey.

Liz graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and began working at Wellmore of Daniel Island as a Life Enrichment Leader in Assisted Living, close to two years ago. She has grown with the company and became Wellmore’s Social and Wellness Director. Each day Liz is passionate about helping her Members live the Weller Life! Outside of Wellmore, she is married to her husband, Austin, and they have a dog named Remy! Liz enjoys the outdoors, hiking, biking, walking, group exercise classes, reading, and hitting the beach!

Supernova award ceremony

Interview with 2022 Director of the Year, Liz Hubbard

Congratulations on being chosen as a Supernova! How do you feel?

I feel very thankful to win this award! I have to reflect on the amazing member services team I have at Wellmore of Daniel Island, and how they challenge me to new levels each day!

What’s your favorite part about your position?

I love the opportunity to serve our residents directly, challenge them to live a Weller Life, and lead a team of creative, joyful, caring individuals. This position also keeps me on my toes!

What do you want people to know about working in a retirement community?

Working in a retirement community is love in action. You are reminded how the generations before us paved the way for our freedoms and success today. It is very humbling. We can only stand tall because of those that came before us! I am given the opportunity to serve others at a high level, and empower both my residents and team members.

What is your favorite thing about working for Wellmore?

Our company has a guiding principle that says “People First, Always.” They embody this not only by putting service to our residents as a top priority, but also by serving and celebrating team members! I love that they have luxury standards and they are always encouraging us to think outside of the box.

What’s a quote or inspirational words that influence/impact you and why?

“Success happens daily, not in a day.” I love this quote because it reminds us that we have the CHOICE to grow, change, and strive for excellence each day. Also, it represents that personal growth takes time and consistent discipline.

Positions that are eligible to vote and win the Supernova Award include: HR Director, Resident Care Director, Assistant Resident Care Director, Care Services Administrator, Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, Resident Care Director, Lifestyle Advisor, Lifestyle Advisor – Care Services, Transition Specialist, Social Director, Wellness Director, Director of Facility Services, Director of Dining Services, Executive Chef, Client Services Manager (Live Long Well Care).